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Review Secondary Weapon Stats (Reload, Swap Speed, etc)

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Not talking about pistols, but talking about stats that isn't spread/damage/RPM.

Most weapons should have the same time for these actions, which is around 1 second to switch weapon and 4 second to reload, but some have different values which makes them subjectively worse/competitively viable than others.
Lykrast's weapons have basically no weapon switch delay, making it good for quickdraw situations.

TMP only have a 2 Second Reload, making it objectively the best weapon for spray and pray.

UZI feels sluggish, that just me personally.

Balance changes could also happen here, but that's another subject. Maybe buff pistol/nerf autosniper reloads?

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yeah deploy and reload times feel super arbitrary because they're entirely based on how long the viewmodel animation is


deploy times are super easy to change, but i'm not sure about reload times


hopefully it's as simple as calling SetPlaybackRate after DefaultReload

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