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[Announcement] 12/9 Maintenance for Web 4 Migration

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On December 9 between 21:00 - 00:00 CST, I will be completing the migration of any of the services that remain on our web 4 machine to the new web server that we've purchased to replace it. These services are:

  • GameSQL
  • CSGO Surf API
  • CSGO Stats
  • VPN Daemon
  • Donations API


Any servers or services that depend on the aforementioned services may be unavailable or not function correctly until these services are restored at the end of the maintenance period. Specifically:

  • SourceMod servers - Will be offline during the maintenance period
  • Physion Unturned - Will be offline during the maintenance period
  • Forums - Will be unavailable during maintenance
  • Garry's Mod servers - Donation ranks will be unavailable during the maintenance period
  • Discord Bots - Some discord bots may not function during the maintenance period


Thanks. :furretlove:



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