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[Announcement] Hopefully the last one for a bit (Maintenance)

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Hello all,


We're going to be moving the last of the services not on our new web machine this Friday from 8:00 AM - 12:00 CT. The game servers themselves will not be going down, but the forums, Pterodactyl, GFLBans, and a few other auxiliary services (such as the FastDL index) will be down during this time.


The machine that these services used to reside on will be repurposed to host test servers and developer VPSes, allowing us to cancel both of the machines we used to use for these things, saving us some money. The test server move will occur on Saturday at noon and will take until around 4 PM. Players shouldn't actually notice this because it will only impact the test servers. The developer VPSes will be moved at a later time that is TBD.



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