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Inverse Priest

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I had an idea for a new role that would (theoretically) be easy to implement. Maybe a replacement for priest, just 'cause its a lame role.

[Role name]

[Innocent Role]

You're the [Role name]! All of your weapons deal 25% damage, but you get a golden deagle! Your golden deagle kills Traitors and various neutral evils in one hit, but only gets one shot! Hitting an innocent role will kill you, and getting a kill with the refills the deagle if it doesn't have a shot. May your aim be true!


Just an idea that came to mind, priest is lame and a sharpshooter-type class sounded interesting, even if it it doesn't become a permanent/real role. Also 25% damage might be too low, maybe headshot damage is 25% and other bodyparts are only 50% or something along those lines.

haxray is a bunger tee hee

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personally think this would be just at lame if not even more lame than priest but if someone wants to put hte effort into making it i would be open to seeing it get a trial run

Made by @Clavers

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