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Role Upgrades - IDEAS NEEDED

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As some of you may know I've recently been on a kick to try and drum up some ideas for thoughtful player progression that could be implemented into Anarchy.

Reworking the cosmetics system to give people meaningful long-term rewards is a good and easy idea, but I think more can be done to give a real 'refresh' to the core gameplay.


So I had the idea to allow people to 'level up' roles, either by completing challenges related to them or slowly earning some kind of points over a long period of time. The upgrades for roles would need to be carefully thought out (i.e. not just +HP or +DMG) to avoid giving people a universal edge against new/less leveled players, but I think this type of long-term reward feature would bode really well if done right.


I have a public Google Sheet I was hoping the community could come together on and brainstorm upgrade ideas for each role, seeing as there are a ton of them, and ideally each role would need at least a couple upgrades though some roles may not need any.




If you have an idea for a role's upgrade just right click > comment on the shaded boxes

If everyone managed to come together and agree on a system like this and flesh it out, I would more than likely be able to implement the code for it.


Let me know what you guys think of the general idea/concerns as well

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