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idgi's CS2 ZE Admin Application

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+1 As you've stated yourself, we need more admins now that there are only like 4 or so admins that get on the server. I've had a lot of interaction with you idgi, enough to give a concrete opinion here. I don't know how active you are on the server at the moment, but as long as you get on a few times a week I think you'd be a good addition to the team and should be given a chance on trial admin. I don't really have anything negative to say about you. You have a pretty clean history and the vote influencing can be overlooked IMO.

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1 hour ago, lce said:

-1, encouraged players to  'say whatever they want since admins aren't on' and 2 maps later on asked: 'Can [he] use the n-word'...

I can't believe I have to make a reply to this but I am pulling a ChicagoBen (my lord and savior). Every time I voice my opinion or defend myself I get ignored in general chat. This is not the first time I have had this type of conversation with you (Ice) and every time you back out and not try to hear me out. It also does not help that other people join in and interject into our conversations when it has no relation or directed to them. However, before I get clowned on I do realize that every time we do have these conversations, it is in the general chat of discord where everybody jokes around and takes things not too serious (to that I say fair). Now here is my response to this out-of-context comment I made that you (Ice) brought up for no reason during our conversation about the current state of the server in general ze-chat at around 9:52 PM of 2/27/2024:

1. I will admit that I have said "say whatever they want since admins aren't on", but only when actual admins are on. I will never say this whenever admins aren't on. The reason I do this is because I believe it is stupid fun and if people actually fall for it, they will immediately face consequences. I would not call this encouraging since you completely left out the part where I immediately clarified that I was not trying to encourage and that it is not good that if admins were on, they would be in trouble. I repeated it more than 3 times because I know something like this would happen. I am also being literal when I say this because in the literal sense you can say anything in the GFL CS2 ZOMBIE ESCAPE VC at the expense of RULES. I specify rules do exist and because of it, admins will enforce it. In the literal sense I am not wrong. Of course there are rules and I know it is bad to break rules when admins aren't on which is why I again, I specify that after I said my comment. I only say this when actual admins are on. Using this against me is an extreme low-blow and disingenuous. I can not believe you would actually use this against me but if that is what you do than that speaks more about you. If this is not sufficient response than I apologize for speaking in a literal sense. I apologize for speaking at all since it seems like you have to be careful about saying anything literal. I will say this, I will not do it next time if I am told not to do it again. 

I also say this in context to whenever admins go undercover in the server to catch people breaking rules. I think this is an effective way of catching people breaking rules which might I remind, rule-breaking has been rampant in cs2. It also seems like GFL admins need to start working on better ways to catch rule breakers. 

2. I shouldn't have to even say this but asking  "Can [he] use the n-word" is literally asking a question. I do not understand in any case how asking a simple question is "encouraging" racism. I am also incredibly honest when I say that I do not recall saying this. Even if I had said it, using it against me to accuse me of encouraging racism is extremely dishonest and non-sensical. If I were to say the comment however, I would believe that I was intentionally acting stupid. Is intentionally acting stupid by asking if so and so can break a rule, breaking the rules? How far does one have to intentionally act stupid for fun without breaking any rules become an offense? Are more restrictions on speech going to be placed because they supposedly fall under the offense of encouraging racism going to be put in place?

Now about the comments leading up to Ice posting a photo of his comment that I am replying to:

I commented how the server is so "shit" to the point new players are joining discord to complain how many rule breakers there are. The image of my comment is shown below:


I was being hyperbolic with my statement, but who cares it is GFL ze-chat. This is not far from reality however since I have to remind time and time again, rule breaking has gotten too much in GFL CS2. Might I remind people, a player by the name ZUGZUG gained popularity because of how much he evaded bans and trolling that it started basically a whole witch-hunt for them. Popularizing him is also stupid in which I did not partake because I believe rule breakers shouldn't be popular. Many will say this happened in GFL many times but that is irrelevant and not the general point I am trying to make. Trying to pull up the times new players complained about trolls will be too much and extremely unrealistic but it has and still is happening. Anyways, in response to my above comment, the topic of me encouraging racism was brought up. Besides me responding to the claims above, I have something to say about the response I got after making the comment I made above. My comment refers to rule-breaking as a whole and how it's making the server frankly unplayable. I would know this because I join everyday and have lead many maps with rule-breakers. It is absolutely dreadful and makes the game not fun. I largely don't care about it since it is a game but it ruins other players experiences. I shouldn't have to say this but racism encouragement is the least of the worries when it comes to rule breakers. Just the past few weeks we have seen multiple hackers. Rule breaking is not only exclusive to racism and making a comment about how I "encouraged" racism in response to my above comment is dishonest and out of touch with the server. I felt slandered and unfairly accused, which is why I wrote this and am serious about it. I also will like to remind that there is no photo or video proof of me saying any of this before I addressed these claims. I thought GFL was all about upholding the idea of video proof of someone supposedly breaking rules? I was met with the response "I literally heard you say it", nice is that how we accuse people of breaking rules now? All in all I felt unfairly represented with this comment and say all you want about me but I don't care. I am not going to take the disrespect, I am standing on BUSINESS. I know this rant will definitely be received as a joke or no one will read the whole thing but I expect the admin team to appreciate where I am coming from and be genuine with their response. Thank you very much and I appreciate everyone that have supported me throughout GFL and made the game fun :).

P.S. In the middle of making this response, I by accidently deleted this tab but I was amazed to find out the response auto saves. WOW that is really good, very smart for doing that admins. 


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