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Combat Surf MoTD

Combat Surf MOTD


General Rules

  • 1. The admin's word is FINAL. If an admin says not to do something, then don't do it, even if it isn't covered elsewhere in the MOTD.

  • 2. Do not overuse racism.

  • 3. Do not impersonate other players (particularly an admin).

  • 4. Nude sprays are not allowed. Childporn(CP) is NOT tolerated. You will be banned permanently on sight. This also includes cub/lolicon(talking about nude sprays here)

  • 6. Stay out of an admin's business with another player. For example: If a player was muted, do not bug the admin with "why did you do that?" Or "abuse, abuse" in a trolling manner. If the admin is abusing his/her powers you can report them with VALID PROOF. In addition, please don't exploit the report system.

  • 7. NO chat spamming, or all caps rage moments. Check rule 9 in addition to this one, please.

  • 8. This server is NOT a trade server. It would be greatly appreciated if you would not advertise your trades in chat. If you want to do that, you are recommended to go to a trading server.

  • 9. Listen to admins; They have the final say.

  • 10. Don't be a douche, you will be gagged and/or muted.

  • 11. Keep personal quarrels away from the server. If you must, take it to a PM and/or Steam Message. Any hostile attacks on a personal level will be silenced temporarily.

  • 12. Threatening to DDoS the server is not tolerated, you can be banned up to a week, should you do so.


Server Specific Rules

  • Do not camp Teleport Entrances and Exits with Engineer buildings such as Sentry Nests.

  • Do not abuse sentries

    • This means you don't need to camp on enemy's spawn and jail portal. Give enemy a chance to try to beat you.

  • Do not camp next to jail portal - Spawn camping is allowed with exception of the maps.


Map Specific Rules

10x Surf Complete

  • Do not camp or block the Walkway above both of the spawns.

  • Do not over camp the Jail Roof, especially with Engineer buildings as this ruins fun for others.


  • Demolition class: Do not spawn/jail camp. Result will come in the warning.

Following maps that have restriction rule of spawn camping includes:

  • surf_air_arena
  • surf_akai_f1n4l
  • surf_bathroom
  • surf_greatriver

Spawn camp is allowed with few exceptions of the map listed above.


Server Commands List

  • !rtv - Rock the vote

  • !nominate - Nominate your favorite map for the map vote!

  • !rtd - Roll the dice and get perks

  • !bhop - Auto Bunnyhop - Hold space to jump

  • !nofall- Take no fall damage //VIP ONLY

  • !sm <playername>- Self mute a player for the duration of one map

  • !su <playername> - self unmute that player

  • !radio - Use the ingame radio and listen to music while you surf :D

  • !motd / !rules / !commands - Server’s MOTD and Rules page

  • !store - Use the in game store to purchase trails,tracers, and glow colors!

  • !fp / !tp - toggles first person, and third person

  • !sourcebans - Check your bans

  • !admins - Admin list

  • !steam / !group - Official GFL’s TF2 Group

  • !website - GFL’s Website

  • !gametracker - Server’s Gametracker page

  • !membership - Members application  

  • !apply4admin - Admin Application

  • !maplist - Display server’s map list
  • !topspeed - View all speedrecords of the current players on the current map
  • !topspeedmap - View the highest speedrecords of all players on current map
  • !topspeedtop - View the highest speedrecords of all players on all maps
  • !topspeedpr - View your highest speedrecords and rankings on all maps
  • !topspeedhelp - View a containing the above information


Server Perks

  • Members
    • Store
      • 5 credits per minutes
  • Donator
    • Store
      • 15 credits per minutes
  • VIP
    • Store
      • 25 credits per minutes

- If you have any suggestions for the perks, head over the suggestion thread.

Note: Unknown credits per minutes, I may be wrong, but this is what I am guessing.



Redid by @Benroyjam

Last MOTD update: 09 October 2016

Edited by Booroyjam
MOTD Redid by Benroyjam
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