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New Timer -- Both servers linked!

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As of yesterday, our Surf Timer servers are on a different timer. I know this might catch some of the players off guard, especially since the ranks/map finishes have all been wiped. So, my goal with this post is firstly to elaborate on why I believe the move was justified and secondly to hopefully make you realize it's not the end of the world and is actually better in the long run!


Influx (our previous timer) was by all means kind of okay, but I did not very much fancy the ranking system, among other things. It just did not feel right to me that players who went for good times on maps were not awarded with extra points for their efforts, and that the people who were on top points wise were only there because of style finishes (parkour, low grav etc etc), which in all fairness is not skill based. If anything, players should focus more on the healthier part of grinding. I know quite a few players were grinding ranks just by doing maps with all styles. But now they can actually just improve their time, and overall get rewarded for doing so by improving as a surfer aswell as getting points for it. Its way healthier than doing styles just for the sake of gaining points. 


I've been doing research since I came back in action around 2 months ago after a 3-year hiatus from GFL, trying to find something that would suit us better. Something we could work with in the long run. And this new timer seemed perfect for the job. During the time I tested it I was both impressed and made excited by its features. Primarily by the fact that styles all had their seperate ranking systems, which is exactly what I wanted, but also because of how much customization it possessed for the players as well as myself as a Manager of the servers. And of course, a ranking system that simply 360 noscopes our old timer in comparison. 


I didn't want to simply eradicate the "fun" styles, since I am well aware a lot of people enjoy them very much. Parkour no longer exists,  since it is not a part of this new timer (May it rest in peace). However there are a couple of new styles that are similar in nature. "Slow motion" and "Fast forward"! Low-grav does still exist. Check them out with the /styles command.


I really look forward to seeing a healthy mix of competetive and casual surfing, and hope you guys will be as excited about it as I am. I included some pictures of the timer in game on the changelog. 


If you find any issues with the timer or find the zones on a map lacking, please contact me. About one third of the maps were zoned by default, and I didn't check to see if they were well done. 


Happy surfing!

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