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Found 4 results

  1. Here's a question, where were you before you joined GFL? Just write a small or big paragraph about the things you've been doing before you joined GFL. I guess I'll go first. I use to play Halo a lot back in the day. But then my Xbox decided to kill itself. So I got myself a PC instead of a new Xbox. I started playing Garry's Mod and joined a murder server. There I met 4 cancerous but cool guys. ( David, Tyson, Sev, and Striker. ) One of us will be the murderer and the other the bystander with the gun. And we will kill all the players except ourselves. ( Delaying the round. ) We called ourselves the spooky scary skeletons. ( We had the skeleton player models and we spammed the spooky scary skeletons song in voice a lot. Yea I know we were retarded. ) After months of chaos, we got perma banned. 3 of the guys decided to disappear and move on. With one of them becoming admin on a swrp server. It was just me and David. David and I were the most chaotic in the group. After our ban, David and I will go on Dark RP servers and bring chaos and cancer. And to be honest it was fun. But all fun things must come to an end. David's computer died. And it's been over a year since. So with David gone I was all alone going to different servers. But it wasn't the same. I lost interest in Garry's Mod because of that. But thanks to the lord Violator, I found GFL's TTT server. There I found other chaotic cancerous fucks like me. I felt welcome. But I'm gonna be honest, I wish I can go back to the old times. I had a lot more fun with the old guys. Pissing off admins and players was my specialty. But look at me now. Now I'm the admin who is getting pissed off by players. Well there's my shit story of what was I doing before I joined GFL. So whats yours?
  2. Friend: So Kite is it close to being finished? Kite: Oh yea its getting there. Do know this, I get 3400 ping at least once everyday. Trust me ask Xy or any of the breach players.
  3. I have already suggested this on a separate thread but I'm making it an official post. People have complained about researcher's job not being a challenge and researchers just basically being MTF with a head start. So, some ideas to fix them: First, make checkpoints not available to open until the round starts so they can't get through the HCZ so easily. (I kinda stole this from Xy, guess I get demoted) Second, researchers are supposed to be collecting Data about the SCPs. And a professional would collect data even in a containment breach. So, when a player is killed by a SCP, they will drop a folder. This will dissapear after 10-20 seconds. Researchers can pick them up. Either they get bonus points for picking them up, OR they need one or two to escape. I made an edit down below so people would see it had changed.
  4. I made a 4 player maze and I was wondering if anyone wanted to try it with me. - SlimeEnergy. It is right here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=770508039 add me on steam if so!
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