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Ban Appeal

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Name: FadedTurtle


Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:101582256


Banned by: Bunnynator


Ban reason: 2 inno kills (claiming mass rdm) 


Why you should be unbanned: Well first things first. I didn't even get to finish filling out the rdm complaint before I was banned. Secondly I had reasons to kill the innocents but the admin on didnt care about that. Lastly I've had 0 incidents of rdm that needed to be addressed on the server and for the admin to jump right into banning? that seems bizarre  to me.  Im just here to have a good time and accidents happen I understand, but I really think this could have been handled differently. 



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First. you rdmed two people and carried on to attempt to rdm me right after you rdmed someone right in front of me. 

I am not going to unban you for OBVIOUS reasons and you can wait out the week ban because you were rightfully banned.

You killed misterman because he "shot someone" which he did not.

And you killed another person for " i thought you activated the t trap"



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