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Melee Weapons

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Posted  Edited by Mr Z - Edit Reason: Added Bayonet stats


We only got the crowbar and the stunstick

Here are some idea's

Anderson's Bayonets

Just got done watching Hellsing:Ultimate and if you know Father Anderson you know why i'm suggesting these.

Bonus damage againts 106 probaly, swings really fast and if possible throwable.

Image result for alexander anderson

I Only found 1 addon for them and its sad because its for TTT, even tho you can probably do nothing with them here they are Anderson's Bayonets

Note - Don't look down upon these just because they're from an anime, just think of them as normal bayonets



Has a chance to spawn with D Class and has a chance to spawn in D Cell's

Would do about 5 Damage since well... They're shanks after all.



Would spawn somewhere in ETZ or LCZ because HCZ seems very unfitting for a Axe for some reason

Normally does about 30 Damage but acts like 082's knife, charge it up to do more damage, after hitting causes bleed because well, its a fire axe and with enough force you could

♪ Chop, a, persons arm off or stick it in their head, axe them in the back is a certain trail to betrayal watch as they scream for mercy as you slaughter alll theeee D! ♪

I'm sorry

i'll go sit in the corner



bye now




"A dirty Syringe probably used to drug Class D, looks like it has some stuff left in it"

-Would make the screen blur until bleeding is over

-1 Time use

- Causes bleed until 50 HP

-1 Damage

-Found all over LCZ

Edited by Mr Z
Added Bayonet stats




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"Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life."- Umbrella's motto. "ALL HAIL UMBRELLA!"- Unoriginal's motto.


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