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Staff Feedback and Abuse Reports

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I just wanted to make a post to explain a couple additions to our forums in more detail.

We have added:




Staff Feedback
Some of you have talked to us and said that you wanted a place to discuss openly with staff, actions/changes which you either didn't agree with or disliked in some way. This forum is now the place to do this. We've set it up so that if you make a thread within it, you'll be able to have a direct line of communication with GFL's higher up team to discuss and hopefully make changes to GFL which benefit us all. 

We've also added an anonymous feature which will allow people to submit issues that they would like discussed, but also remain anonymous to the higher up team. I will stress that Directors will still be able to use logs to see who made these posts, but that will only be used to stop people abusing this feature and "trolling" within this forum.

If you use the anonymous feature you won't be able to submit any extra information, so please make sure that you include as much detail as possible when submitting via this form https://gflclan.com/forms/9-staff-feedback/

Overall this feature is a nice touch for anyone who wants to make a difference within GFL without making public posts showing disinterest. I hope that you'll all use this to work through any issues you may have! I would also like to invite you to use this if you have positive feedback as well, although this isn't the desired use for this it is still welcome if you feel the need.


Admin Abuse

Now in general most of our admins are amazing representatives for the community, they make sure our servers are free from rule breakers and hackers. However occasionally we do still get admins who don't use those powers given to them in the right way on our servers. This can sometimes go unnoticed which results in less players coming to our servers. This is why we've decided to introduce an admin abuse section. 
This is set up so that once you fill out this form https://gflclan.com/forms/11-abuse-reports/ it will be posted within the admin abuse section which can only be seen by Managers+. This ensures that managers can stop any issues as fast as possible and make sure that our servers are remaining the friendly and fun environment that they should be!



If anyone has any questions about these two additions please post them below.



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