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Transhuman Task Force Zeta-3

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As a lot of you probably know there are a wide variety of specialized MTF teams that each provide a unique play style. However, there is only one standard C.I. unit that can spawn in mid-game. So here is another to bring in a little more variety (and give D-class a little more hope.)

Transhuman Task Force Zeta-3 


Zeta-3 is a Chaos Insurgency-run task force that consists of individuals that have been genetically, cybernetic ally, and thaumaturgically augmented to enhance their combat capabilities. These augmentations include:

  • Skeletal reinforcements resulting in increased bone strength and resilience
  • Muscular enhancements to increase power and endurance
  • Redundant cardiovascular systems to increase overall survivability
  • Neural implants and brain augmentations designed to improve reflexes and reaction time
  • Neural implants enabling extrasensory detection and communication

They also contain a dead-man fail-safe that incinerates their body upon death. The Foundation has designated each of these individuals as SCP-1943-2.


Team Composition

-Consists of 3 SCP-1943-2s

Stats and Equipment

-Have 125 base health

-Spawn with a stun stick, a lvl 4 keycard, a radio, and a random rifle

-Wear a standard C.I. vest

-Have an increased base speed and jump height

-Can see 966 without night vision

-Their bodies disappear upon death

-They don’t spawn with SLAMs, this is for balance


            Whenever C.I. reinforcements spawn in there will be a chance that they will be Zeta-3 instead of the standard C.I. unit. Their mission is the exact same as other Chaos Insurgencies: escort Class-Ds and kill any researchers, MTF, and SCPs. Also, when they spawn, the announcement states that the NTF have arrived, like with other C.I. squads. 

            Feel free to buff, nerf, or remove any of their abilities If you do decide to add this suggestion. 


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