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Console Division/Tournaments

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Hey! I've always wanted to give this suggestion. I started thinking about it since the old site, but I didn't know how to develop it properly. So, you'll hear me out and give your opinions on this.



Idea: Console Division


I'm mainly a console player, and I'm sure there are a lot of console players out there too.  So, why not doing something for that kind of players too?


I'm talking about something like a server in BattleField for example (With the announcement of BF5 I'm sure it could be awesome.) 

We could also organize tournaments. I did it with a couple of friends and it was pretty good. 


Possible games:






Overwatch (6v6, 3v3, 1v1)

Rainbow Six Siege (5v5, 1v1, etc.)

Fortnite (when they release custom matchmaking)

For Honor (1v1)

Madden, FIFA, 2K



Rewards (I'm not sure what to do here, I'll post what I've done in the past)


Supporter+: Reserved slots in tournaments/servers

VIP: (add suggestions here :lenny: )



Rewards vary depending on the game, for example



Siege - 1200 Rainbow credits

Overwatch - 11 Loot boxes or 200 league tokens

(Usually around $10 dollars, it could also be reduced to $5 rewards) I've also paid the reward via PayPal.


Another cool reward could be a 1 month supporter status or something like that.




This Idea wouldn't cost much money, other than the rewards for the tournaments. You don't need to buy a machine or rent a server for them because most games already support private matches, and they are good enough to play on them. (already tested them)


If we look at renting a BF server it would cost around $100 for about 6 months. IDK about ARK tho.




Populating a BF server isn't that hard. I used to talk with the creator of a Knife Only server in BF4 and it was really populated (over 30 people every day.... Yes it was a clusterfuck, but it was very fun to play) And you can easilly advertise the clan on the loading screens.



Please, give your brutally honest opinions. I'd really appreciate the feedback and it would be really awesome if we could make this work.




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