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Missing Server

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So I went on a trip few days ago and when I come back today,I cant find server of Hns . I search for solutions on internet and I just reinstalled Gmod but I still cant find the server.Anyone can help me?


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Sometimes you need to refresh a couple of times, if this fails, attempt a manual connection by typing


into the console. (You can access the console by pressing ` or whatever you have it bound to, make sure it is enabled in Options -> Keyboard -> Advanced)


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You can always access the GFL servers through the forums, this isn't reccomended as it may skip through the "addon installation" for each server... But will definitely allow for you to connect to the server in the end. 


Just simply click the server's tab at the top of the screen > search for the server you would like to join > click connect! Bingo, you're done! :)


Hope this helps! 



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