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Banned for RDM and Leave

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Username: Durand

Banreason: RDM and Leave (?)

Duration: ???


So uh, 2 things. When I try to join it does not tell me a duration, and secondly, I don't remember committing RDM and leave, especially since i was AFK for a couple rounds before i left, so any auto-slay would have gone through. 
The only thing I remember i could have gotten tagged for an Auto-slay was when i killed a guy who walked into a smoked t-tester room with 2 other guys, and after multiple shotgun blasts came out alone, almost dead and was holding a shotgun, and when looking in chat said nothing about KOS or Sus, and had not identified anybodies, so i just assumed he was a T, which in the rules is allowed to use logic to deduce is somebody is a T.

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