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CS:GO Surf Timer Issues But Accomplishment

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Hi all,


I just wanted to address a couple issues with our CS:GO Surf Timer servers.



Both servers are running on a machine that includes an Intel i7-4790K. These servers are also running on Linux. Due to the CS:GO Linux limitation I reported and explained here along with the i7-4790K, these servers are experiencing poor performance at > 40 players at 85 tick. I also don't want to switch to Windows because our control panel isn't supported on there and I absolutely hate Windows for game servers. With that said, after discussion, I've concluded we should stay at 85 tick.


An 85-tick 64-player server will eat a lot of CPU. This is why we're struggling now regarding performance.


Both of our hosting providers offer very high-end machines. With the UK hosting provider, we have the ability to request a custom quote. The US also offers strong builds.


In the US, we have the choice of picking a machine that includes an Intel i7-9700K overclocked to 5.1 GHz (8 cores). This is considered overkill even with the Linux limitation. However, my only issue is we don't really need the 8 cores at this moment. This machine may be setting us up for the future once we start setting up more servers including GMod Purge and other CS:GO servers.


In the meantime, I believe I'm going to cap the visible maxplayers on both servers to 46. Once we setup a new powerful machine, I will be sure to set the visible maxplayers back to 64 and we should be able to handle 64 players at 85 tick without any issues.



Firstly, I just wanted to say we got to 54 players earlier (51 in screenshot):




Unfortunately, a bug on the server caused 1/2 of the clients to crash while we were at 50+ players. I believe this issue has to do with the current timer which is why we will most likely be switching to Influx's timer soon on the US server (UK already has this timer). I'm not sure why the issue occurred and things were fine for hours. There were no map changes (we were playing surf_kitsune), everybody just started timing out. I just wanted to apologize for the inconvenience.


All in all, I'm really happy to see the server doing so well and it isn't even officially launched yet.


I want performance to be our top priority which is why I'm going to be looking into purchasing a high-end machine. The machine would probably be setup after the holidays. In the meantime, we can stick to 46 players and continue building the server up for official launch.


Thank you!

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