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Duc's 1st Minecraft Build Showcase

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To begin, this is the first of (hopefully) many threads where I show off what I have built in minecraft. If you think it's shit, well so do I, but some of the stuff I have build doesn't look half horrible, so I'm going to share them.

The Greek Building

I'm currently playing SevTech Ages right now, and I just got to Age 1. A lot of these builds will probably come from sevtech as in each age, I'll build a new home. So without further ado, here it is:


I made the roof like that because a straight stairs roof would be bland. There is a walkway around it with half bricks as a kind of railing. I tried full blocks, but they were a little odd looking. The tiki torches are my torches for most of my base, but I used another type for lighting the inside of the building...


This is inside of the building at the back. The yellow stuff is Astral Sorcery Luminescence (however tf you spell it) which I used to light the building in favor of torches-although I wish I had some form of brazier.

So, that's about it. This was not a large or complicated build, unlike some others I have done. I'll post a new one of these whenever, and the next one will show off one of my proudest builds. Thanks for reading!

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