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lemurlicker the real one

Banned for att mass for ???...

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Posted  Edited by lemurlicker the real one

Name: lemurlicker awpkilha


Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:55914800


Banned by: Don't recall


Ban reason: Shot 2 people as detective with intervention that were my friends. Was slain mid round (approx 1 min after I shot them) then banned for att. mass rdm without explanation all in under 5 seconds. Didn't even kill anyone.


Why you should be unbanned: Have literally watched 3 people do this same thing today, except killing the people, and they are still on the server with 800 karma. Didn't get to explain myself. Didn't even RDM. Doesn't really seem like a perma-ban worthy offense or anything more than a slay or two.. not hard to get familiar with the rule system. Admin was a little trigger hungry I suppose.

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Posted  Edited by TimeForYouToGetAWatch - Edit Reason: yes

Also you straight up just admitting to shooting 2 people so idk what you want to do now lol

And you also shoot me randomly and im not your friend which you claimed u shot ur friends

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Guest SkydivingSquid

@lemurlicker the real one you definitely should not have been slain mid-round. If this happened, I apologize. However, friends or not, you cannot damage other players unless you are a Traitor and the targets are innocent or if you are an innocent/detective and you have indisputable proof that the person you are damaging is a Traitor or did something KOS'able. 

Att mass is a ban that is given if you damage three players incorrectly or intentionally with malice. Normally this means you killed 2 innocent players and damaged another innocent one with no evidence warranting it, however were killed before you were able to completely kill them. 

If you only killed your two "friends" and didn't damage another, you may contest your ban. However, it is likely that @TimeForYouToGetAWatch had good reason to ban you and had the logs to back his decision up. As I said previously, if you were slain mid-round, I will talk to my team about that. 

Thanks for choosing GFL TTT MC. I hope to see you back on the server soon! 🦑

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