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Muted 4 years ago, hoping to get unmuted.

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Your first forum account


Your 2nd alt forum account


Your Sourcebans


As of now, you will not be unsilenced in server based on your history. 


First appeal

Dated Sept 8th 2016


Second Appeal

Dated Sept 16th 2016

(This appeal resulted in you earning a second chance)


Third Appeal

Dated May 1st 2017

(First of many appeals after being given a second chance but still not abiding by the rules)


Fourth Appeal

Dated Sept 14th 2016


Fifth Appeal

Dated Sept 28th 2018

(using alt forum account)


Sixth Appeal

Dated July 18th 2019

(Using another alt account pretending to be a random, note the racist username used to enter the server)


Seventh Appeal

Dated Jan 12th 2020

(This appeal)


You are still welcomed to use the Discord server

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