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AnarchistTallboy's Introduction

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Hey all!


I'm new to this community and just received my member tag! I originally into GMOD for TTT but I took a break from the game a while ago. Now I'm back and I ran into this community! I see it's pretty big and has a lot going on so I figured I'd give it a try.


A few things about myself:

-I'm a 21 year-old College student

-I love music

-I hate the government

-I really like pork

-I love technology (when it isn't listening to my phone calls)


I look forward to meeting all of you! 


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12 minutes ago, Jerry Hat Trick said:


And why would you hate the government? What prompted that, if I may ask?


Welcome to GFL!

There are many reasons for this, I will try to answer without getting into politics so here we go:

-Tear gassing peaceful protestors

-Routinely killing unarmed civilians at the hands of law enforcement

-Very expensive healthcare

-Terrible President

-Failed to properly respond to COVID-19 Pandemic


These are the main reasons as to why I currently hate my government. If you'd like to discuss this further feel free to DM me. 

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