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Glitched points?

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i havent been playing for a super long time but im not new either. ive recently encountered a bug that has given me ~50000 points seemingly out of nowhere. not sure if i had taken someones spot or what but it doesn't look like my points are dupes of anyone. not sure what this is but it says im rank 25 but i know 100% that a few days ago i was rank 230ish and i definitely do not surf like a rank 25 player... i donated while my rank was wicked just yesterday, dont know if thats relevant but its the only thing that changed in the time of my point jump.




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Posted  Edited by Infra

Hey! Easy fix:


- type !profile in chat

- open your profile (Normal)

- hit Refresh Profile


It will then re-calculate and give you your correct deserved points/rank. Or, it'll recalculate on it's own at a regular interval/when you complete a map.


This happens sometimes when there's a delay with the database queries loading stuff and you earn points for map completion/group time.




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