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LilyShiro's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Mitch


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:8115


Banned by: Lunarblade


Ban Reason: Toxic/Targeting + Ban evasion


Why should you be unbanned


I was banned approximately 6 months ago by LunarBlade for the reasons above, because JuicyBenny, a member of the forums, albeit unsure if he's still active whatsoever, reported me on the forums. The report was about me "harassing him", and consisted of two screenshots. The first one was me telling him to stop crying like a bitch, and then writing that he's a child. In the second screenshot, I told him to go fuck himself.


The reason I wrote any of that towards him was because he was intentionally trying to aggravate me in-game and get me slain. You can see what happened in the map previously as I wrote about it to a friend on 1/26/2020, the day I was banned. Friend obscured for privacy reasons.



As you can see, it's pretty obvious why I would be pissed. After the map change, Benny would write "Mitch is mad he got slayed for rdm haha" every 10 minutes or so, pretty annoying. Now it might seem a little more reasonable why I would write "go fuck yourself" to him.


The rest of the report was him claiming I harassed him in discord and in voice, without any proof of course. The reason being is because I did not harass him in discord, nor voice.


After this report was made, LunarBlade replied to it. I should mention before hand, Lunarblade hated me immensely at the time, and most likely still does. So much so that he would ridicule me privately in the #staff channel in discord, even though I was a fellow staff member at the time, writing the anti-cheat for GFL gmod servers. He also voted for my anti-cheat's removal just simply due to his dislike for me. For solid proof, you can open his resignation thread and read the paragraph about me where he writes how much he dislikes me and that he removed the server's best anti-cheat simply because he does not like me. With all of this in mind, now you can maybe see how I was permanently banned for swearing at someone twice. Lunarblade replied, and permabanned me for benny's report.


The ban in the first place, was applied unjustified and incredibly biased. The ban reason alone should make it obvious just how biased it is. Since apparently swearing at someone twice is "targeting". Secondly, Lunar, for some odd reason, tacked on "Ban evasion" to the reasons, which makes absolutely no sense considering until that report went through, I was never banned. I cannot ban evade if I was never banned. How does this make sense? Or maybe the fact he wrote "targeting" and "ban evasion" onto the reasons without any logical reasoning behind that makes it plainly obvious that he wanted to get rid of me in anyway possible.


So, after seeing all of this, and to sum it up: I wanted to appeal this ban because the ban is unjustified and sullies my reputation. I never did anything worth banning, as I really doubt writing "fuck you", even if it is immature and rude, is worthy of a permaban, let alone a ban of any length in the first place. No one has been banned before for writing "fuck you" to someone once. I apologize to juicy for saying those things to him. It was immature of me and I hope the adage "time heals all wounds" will let bygones be bygones. All that being said, this ban makes no sense and I would like it lifted.



For a quick FAQ:


Why are you appealing it 6 months later?

  • I did not know I was permanently banned until recently, nor did I care when I initially found out. I do not play on GFL servers. I now care since I've had people point out my permaban and accuse me of maliciousness.

But I heard you abused your powers? Didnt x, y, and z happen?!

  • No, and no. Rumours spread and tangle fast when you have the past and present server manager who hates you to your bone.

Are you Lily?

  • Yes.


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Posted  Edited by Duck.

This is false.


I perma banned you.


Yeah you were a dick to JuicyBenny but that's not why you were banned.


Appeal denied.


EDIT: The ban has also been denied by Directors.

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