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A guide to Jester

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Avoid getting yourself confirmed to be a jester, especially avoid shooting people or T baiting. Exceptions can apply, but making yourself a dead giveaway will often leave you to waste away for the rest of the round with no chance of dying.


Try to make plays that either are extremely beneficial to traitors to the point that they won’t interfere or a play that traitors can’t interfere in, as traitors will do their best to convince people not to kill you (since they don’t want to lose to jester).


Never constrict yourself to any sort of line of thought or line of play as jester, especially since if you do the same thing everyone else does as jester it’s a real easy way to get called out as jester.


As the jester, your #1 goal is obviously to get yourself killed by a player, so if you think of anything that can get you killed by a player that would contradict normal logic then feel free to do it.


If you're in a position to get sidekicked for some reason, you should probably try to get sidekicked, since jester still shows as jester to Ts even if sidekicked so you’re basically immune to getting killed by traitors. Also, if there is a known infected that has amassed a decent amount of zombies and you’ve already been called out as a jester, try to get killed by a zombie. Otherwise, if infecteds are most likely to lose and you’re not exposed as a jester yet then simply hide or stay near other non-infected players.  


For playing against the jester, the first and foremost thing you want to do is actually pay attention at the start of the round to whether or not there is a jester. If you didn’t read the popup at the start of the round for some reason, you can always open the console and check for it.


As a traitor and as previously mentioned, you want to call out the jester for basically any half decent reason, as you want to avoid having innos kill the jester due to the chance of instantly losing. If you're already KOS, it’s especially a good idea to just confess to your evil role being a traitor and to call out the jester.


As an innocent, just pay attention to plays that could be associated with someone being jester. Additionally, pay attention to when the jester is actually called out. If it helps, mark that player as “Suspicious” or “Avoid” so as to avoid panic shooting them when you see them.

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