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Guidelines to Suggesting an Event

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Guidelines to Suggesting an Event

To make an event suggestion, click here to use the form. Please read the guidelines below before submitting. 

Rules for Suggesting:

  • All suggestions must be suggestions for events we can actually do. Please do not submit "meme" or "shitpost" suggestions for events.
  • Please allow the Event Coordinators and myself to fully discuss a suggestion before reaching back to you. If your suggestion has been sitting without a response for more than a week, you may bump the suggestion.
    • Try to have a complete sentence to bump up your suggestion. Refrain from having one word bumps.
  • Check to see if your idea is already being suggested. Duplicate suggestions will be removed. (it's fine if the suggestion was already suggested, decided on, and coordinated in the past, just no ongoing suggestions should be duplicated)
  • Limit your suggestions to once a week. If you have multiple, try putting them all into one post.


Let me know if you have any questions.

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