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New Role Suggestion: Lycanthrope

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lycanthrope's role not being revealed to the lycanthrope until the conditions are actually met might make some sense in flavor, but in practice, it means that the lycanthrope virtually doesn't exist. plain old innocents are (obviously) a lot less invested in their own survival, and also have (barring an unassigned amnesiac) the least means of defending themselves against attacks. this results in lycanthrope being, from my estimation and precise measurements, "fuckin rare" compared to the frequency of even a role like randy rando. people like playing lycanthrope, and i think that it'd be a lot more interesting for players if the lycanthrope knew their role from the beginning of the round. to me, bodyguard has proven that people just like being given an objective, and anything is better than just a plain old innocent. if lycanthrope was visible to the player from the beginning, they'd have a lot more reason to be actively engaged with the game, instead of just throwing props around or going AFK. this seems to me like an incredibly simple and easy to implement solution with noticeable benefits. thanks.


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