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Plaid Daddy

Admin Abuse Report

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I have been fed up with user this user since day one, and now, I have decided to come forward and file this report.


PladDaddy, an admin on GFL TTT Vanilla has been causing me such distress in my entire playtime on the server, list of offenses include, but are not limited to:


*Kills me with console commands.

*Force specs me constantly when he goes afk.

*Jihads me every round he's T (even at times when he isn't a T as well).

*Unpins grenades right next to me and lets it explode in his hand, or throws it too late, killing me.

*Has me run off cliffs committing suicide for his own enjoyment.

*Smelling like week old showerless cooch on a summer Thursday.

And many many more things I can't even begin to mention.


I can no longer let this abuse pass, it must be stopped. This is beyond doing a lil trolling, this do be a LOTTA trolling, and far from the serious behavior I expect from an online video game.

Some players tell me I "Do this to myself" and ask "Why are you reffering to yourself in the third person?" which I have no idea what they mean, and have led me to believe that PladDaddy has gotten a hold of  Government experimental brain washing technology, and has made everyone love him. Praising his jihad sounds, laughing at his dumb jokes, both of which aren't even that good mind you.


I hope this message comes across clear, and those who read see how much of a victim I have been made by the anus actions committed by this heaven.


I'm not asking for money, or praise, just justice. I hope he pays for his actions. I HOPE HE GETS DEMOTED TO SERVER MANAGER FOR THIS NONSENSE!!!!!!1!111!11111!111111!!!!!!!!111!!


Thank you for taking the time to read this. ❤️


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Banned, Reported, VACed, and killed. This man will no longer be amogus.

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Your abuse report has been noted, however after checking logs it seems like you were the antagonist in all of the situations described. This report can now be closed.


How dare you report our golden boi

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Council has reviewed this report and determined that this person meets criteria only for Director likely higher we may have to create a new role full of nuclear options


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Posted  Edited by Roger Gunshot

After reviewing the evidence for less than a minute after I saw this in Latest Topics, I've decided to overstep my bounds completely and ban this dangerously abusive admin from everything ever. May Yog Pog forgive me for this, and I'll send him however many cat pictures I have to in pennance for removing this menace

Edited by Roger Gunshot


Signature by @Auralanity

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