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How to Submit a Report

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Greetings everyone,

This is a short guide with some useful tips to make your life (the reporter) and ours (the admins) easier with regards to handling reports in this forum section.

As we all know CSS is not the most polished of games, and its demo player is certainly a buggy piece of software. Several recent reports contained lengthy demos, of 5 to 10 minutes long. Unfortunately, the demo player (accessible through the console command “demoui”) does not support rewinding or fast-forwarding. Hence, when an admin is encountered with such long demos where sometimes the majority of the footage does not even capture the suspect, and whichever parts do are at best inconclusive, it makes the job of an admin unnecessarily tedious having to restart the demo just to replay a small part from it again.

So, to circumvent such scenarios, I wrote a list of guidelines for posters to adhere to:

First and foremost, to record a demo, one has to type in the console:

“record [demo_name]” without the quotation marks and brackets. Example: “record suspect1”

To stop recording, type “stop”. Your recorded demos will be saved in the cstrike folder.


  1. Demos must contain footage of only the suspect.
    1. The recording player must be either in spectators or dead before starting to record.
      • This is important because otherwise if there are blooming smoke grenades on the map you won’t be able to start recording.
  2. Demos should ideally be split by (in-game) rounds, must be no longer than 2 rounds, or until the suspect dies, whichever condition comes first.
    • Name & order your demos numerically (.e.g. suspect1.dem, suspect2.dem, suspect3.dem, etc.)
    • Include only the best demos that show evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.
  3. Optional yet very handy tip:
    • Utilize the 'spec_player [player_name]' command.
    • This command instantly spectates the indicated player.
    • Example: Player’s name is Ulysses. You type in console “spec_player Ulysses” without the quotation marks.
  4. If you suspect the suspect is using auto-bunnyhop cheats, make sure to include an sm_jumps record.
    • While the demo is recording, type in console 'sm_jumps [player_name]', without the quotation marks and brackets.
      Example: sm_jumps suspect
  5. Include the SteamID of the suspect in your post.
  6. If you completely ignored this guide and your demo is minutes long, then utilize Windows 10's "Capture last 30 seconds" feature to record the key moment of the demo. Post videos on www.streamable.com or your site of choice.


Thank you for your attention, and enjoy your stay!

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added sm_jumps instructions

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