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Waluigi Launcher?

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Not really a fan of this as I believe it's rather redundant and too OP to have on the server. The two items most similar to this, the Corpse Launcher and the Bullet Bill Blaster, already serve the purpose that the Waluigi Launcher has while being balanced in their own ways and having unique functions. Assuming that you're using this version of the SWEP, The Waluigi Launcher does not have much of a drawback to it compared to the other explosive weapons as it can kill easily, even if you don't directly hit the target. It also has a bug where if you use it while using the alt-fire to zoom in, you're stuck being zoomed in until you somehow get another Waluigi Launcher to zoom back in.

Also, please provide a link to the item you are suggesting next time. It makes it easier for us to review what you're suggesting.

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