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Doctor Pig

twalesijr's ban appeal

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Punished by:


Reason for the punishment:

mass rdm

Why should your punishment be revoked?

I do not think my punishment should be revoked, but I do think the length should be lowered.  We were playing on goldenplex prison map, and there is a room full of explosive barrels in this map.  I shot one of the barrels in the room as an innocent and this inadvertently killed an innocent and a traitor.  This is only 2 people and should not qualify for Mass RDM and a weeklong ban.  Literally yesterday Gwen rdmed me when I was on my haunted round and another innocent with a prop and all she did was slay herself once for it.  I totally agree that I was in the wrong on this one, but I think the punishment was too severe for what I did.


Hello I'm Doctor Pig

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Posted  Edited by Dueler

Hi Twales. I am just going to explain to you why I gave you the punishment I did, and my thought process behind it.


First of all, you killed 2 people with the barrels, and damaged Nyxern for 90 with the barrels, which qualifies for the 2.5 kills required for Mass RDM.

Second of all, from death scene footage, it seemed pretty clear to me that you saw that people were coming in and out of this room, and you yourself admitted to not calling out that you were exploding barrels.

Third of all, you were up for a 24 hour ban yesterday, however, the time differentiating you getting a ban and getting a warn was minutes, so this was understandable from the admin's perspective.

With that being said, I legitimately think you didn't mean for the barrels to ricochet as they did, from what I've seen you say to me on the matter. I will change the ban to 1 day for warn limit, which shall start at the time of your infraction.*


Appeal Accepted.

Edited by Dueler


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Your appeal has been accepted and your ban has been reduced to a day. Going to close this now.

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