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Signature Art Request from M3M3drag0n

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Posted  Edited by M3M3drag0n - Edit Reason: Minor spelling/grammar error

Request type:




1000x300 px


Source image/render: 


Must have image in center spitinfax.png



Text *(optional):

I want it to include my name, M3M3drag0n


Color scheme *(optional):

Blue on the left, red on the right. Similar to the colors in my pfp.







Additional information: 

Like my pfp request a few months back, I'm not quite sure what I want on it other than the listed stuff. Do literally whatever you want with it and as long as it meets my requirements, I'll be happy.

Edited by M3M3drag0n
Minor spelling/grammar error


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You didnt leave much information for me as to the details in the signature, but here is what you asked for lmao 
minecraft because idk maybe you like itm3m3dragonMC.png.54859ff7821ae6b676896eddf8f71238.png
Here is Retro
here is cool retrom3m3dragonRETRO.png.ab07b1ecbf6c0f53dca8bc8b13270181.png

idk man let me know if you want anything different

Discord: Clavers#0001 | Steam: /id/ClaversGaming 

             GFX Team Leader & GFX Designer       


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