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Just a question/concern. I'm not sure when you guys choose to restart the servers or if its all random, but alot of times there will be 30+ people in there battling away, jockeying for position, working on that crazy killstreak....when all of a sudden...out of nowhere... the server randomly restarts, which in turn kills the server. It'll go from 32/33 players to 9 in a matter of seconds and this happens daily.


Would it be possible to post some kind of schedule? Or only restart the server when necessary?


Its frustrating 

Respect your elders

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There are 2 things that I'd like to say here. 
1: Whenever you make another Forum Post for a similar topic on the server, be sure to make it in the 2Fort Category, okay? The Forum Games section is for some small minigames that people play around with on the Forums.
2: This is actually an issue with our network host. There were some issues where the server had NOT been restarted, and it instead was a problem which we couldn't control. However, there was some maintenance around 15 hours ago, and I do not believe that this issue should be continuing as of now if everything was fully fixed.

Thank you for your question and time.

Dragoon ~ The Unusual GFL Team Member

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Posted  Edited by Lachaine

Hey Raiden!

Yeah as Dragoon said, our networking is kinda whack, but we're working on it and hope to resolve said issue asap!

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I'd recommend joining our Discords for real-time server updates:

GFL's Main Discord: https://gfl.gs/discord

GFL's TF2 Discord: https://discord.gg/pxvfvfdgDR


Recent downtime and maintainence was noted there:




3 hours ago, Lachaine said:

our networking is kinda whack

Should be far better than before going forwards.

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