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How to make a Mute / Ban Appeal *READ ME*

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When appealing for a mute / ban, please fill out this form: https://gflclan.com/forms/165-gmod-ttt-anarchy-ban-appeal/


You may find your punishment by searching for your name / SteamID here: https://bans.gflclan.com/


If you try to start a topic here for your mute / ban appeal instead of filling out the forum, you may be asked to fill out the form instead.


Your appeal should also include accurate information, or else it may be more difficult for us to properly handle your appeal. We may have to ask for more information if you don't include it.


Your appeal should include the following:


Your name (in-game):


Your SteamID:


The name of the admin that punished you:


Reason for your punishment:


Why your punishment should be revoked:

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