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Banned for mods friends RDMing me and now mod lies

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The mod close my previous thread and refuses to unban, admins please see to this mod as they continue to abuse mod powers.

Here are their lies from previous thread...


You repeatedly false reported people on the previous map for playing the game properly


First flat out lie in their reply. I reported 1 player for calling a false KOS on me (again this is allowed per the rules so mod flat out lies and claims this is bannable) as I was a proven innocent. The second report was on the player who killed me. Had I not been proven I would not have reported but as it was already known German was false KOSing me and I had both killed a known traitor and then confirmed that, I was PROVEN innocent so that the player continued with the false KOS knowing I was proven innocent is reportable.


ignored everyone telling you that it wasn't RDM


Again this mod abusing their powers for friends lies. It is a reportable offense to RDM and I reported the player who knowingly called false KOS (reportable under the rules) and a player who knowingly killed a proven innocent (reportable under rules). At NO point for those reports was that not allowed.


That the mod banned me forever for two allowed reports proves they are lying and abusing their powers.


I'm assuming you didn't take the time to read through the server rules or the server roles.


If this lying mod can link to and show where RDMing is not a reportable offense on this server I will apologize. But I have read rules and RDMing is DEFINITELY reportable. Especially if it happens twice.


Throwing incinds is kosable as an innocent


At no point did I throw a grenade at that player as you keep claiming. Check the logs and it proves I never threw grenade to harm them at any point.  This lie you keep repeating is bad as I was a CONFIRMED innocent when he KOS'd me, making this lie even more nonsense.


and then reported German Sausage


At NO POINT WHATSOEVER did I report German for his lie about the grenade. I reported him for his false KOS of a proven innocent. Don't lie yourself!


(the one who called the KOS)


How are you even writing this when you just claimed that I reported him for claiming I threw a grenade at him???!


That alone would have put you at the warn limit ban





which is six hours. Not a permanent ban. 


You blatantly lie again as my ban says "forever". You lying is continuing to abuse mod powers, I hope admins see this and ban you!


You're accusing me of abusing mod powers for my 'friends'


In no game, anywhere, does reporting in a single round two players who blatantly RDM'd result in a ban for the player. They are clearly your friends and mods like you who use their mod powers for friends is what is ruining this game!


who got (falsely) reported for RDM


As admins can see this mod continue to falsely lie. Calling a false KOS on a proven innocent is reportable for RDM. Killing a proven innocent is also reportable.

READ the RULES. You claim to not be abusing your mod powers while telling me -i- need to read rules but don't even know this.


The only one who you reported that I would consider a friend of mine, personally, was Dodomans


Amazing! After repeatedly lying and claiming these are not your friends you're abusing mod powers for you just outright ADMIT they are your friends???


and your false report


READ the RULES. They are not false reports to report for RDM.


had no influence on your

I see you lie on this forum. You must fear the admins taking action against you for your mod abuse.


YOU banned ME. Do not flat out lie and claim you have no influence over this. YOU are the one who BANNED me for those reports of your friends.


again, six hour) ban


Your lies are meaningless as I am STILL banned and it says "forever". UNBAN immediately if you don't want admins to ban you for this mod abuse!


 third and final warn


You cannot ban me for two reports and then say I recieved THREE warnings! That isn't even math! I recieved no warnings for reporting two players for RDMing me, you just denied they did and banned me.

You also appear not to understand this servers warning system. Just outright banning me for justified and allowed reports on RDMers is not "warnings", let alone "THREE" for a single round.


Because these appeals are public


I see you have closed my other report on you. So you're already trying to censor this one likely as you did the other.


instead of reading through the proper steps to appeal your ban


Ah, so you ban me for no reason and when I FOLLOW THE STEPS ON THE BAN MESSAGE that expressly tells me to come to this forum to appeal my ban, you lie and claim i'm now "not doing it right"? STOP lying. STOP abusing your mod powers. UNBAN ME NOW.


 immediately harassed



Appealing my ban is "harassment"? Fucking amazing!


properly addressing the ban. 


I AM currently on the forum addressing the ban as per the servers stated requirement that I come here. That you are trying to censor it here too won't work.


Read through the rules,


You are clearly the ONLY one here who cannot read the rules.


as well as the roles

Ah, is this the lie you're telling the admins to try and get out of your abuse of mod powers?

I was a PROVEN INNOCENT. The two players who killed me (one called a false KOS and one killed me) were INNOCENT and knew I was innocent.

Don't lie.



and we'll see you in six hours. 


I am STILL banned. And your lie that it's six hours is a lie as it says "forever". UNBAN ME NOW or face the admins for your mod abuse.

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It's 6 AM and I'm really tired of dealing with this. You were banned because you continued to drop false reports while adamantly refusing to even skim through the rules to justify your reports. Your ban is over in an hour or so, as of writing this. 

I'd personally appreciate if you didn't cherry-pick quotes from what was said, because that is extremely manipulative and has somehow led you to have several 'Aha! Gotcha!' moments while writing this SECOND appeal, even after the first one was denied by a senior admin. I'm replying because of my own integrity, and because I genuinely hope you can actually see what the f*ck we're talking about. 

You threw an incind grenade. That is kosable, regardless of whether you were 'proven innocent' or not. Killing traitors does not prove your innocence, not on Anarchy, it proves that you're not a traitor. Which you would know, if you had skimmed the roles section that I linked you.

When you came to the forums to appeal this ban, you didn't go to the Anarchy ban appeals. You went straight into my direct messages on the forums. Need me to post those screenshots, too? 

As for the seperate warns. You falsely reported me for killing you as a traitor role; and then immediately did it again, to someone else. That was on casino, not dolls (the map you were banned on.) I shouldn't need to explain the 'three strikes, you're out' methodology of our warn system.

If you hadn't dug your heels in so vehemently when nearly everyone on the server (about 17-23 people at the time) tried to help you get a handle on the rules of the server, this might have gone differently. 


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