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TTT 5 Anarchy EU MOTD

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Welcome to GFLClan TTT5 EU Anarchy!


This server has custom roles. Please read !roles before playing or click this link.

ATTENTION: Please note that we are not the same as Anarchy NA, rules that are different are marked with a red symbol (*).


"Anarchy" refers to the fact that the server has a significantly reduced rule set (compared to other servers), however does not mean there are no rules. Please take a moment to read the rules before playing.


Gameplay Rules


  1. Cheating or using scripts to gain an advantage over other players is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
  2. Abusing the report system to report players who have not broken the rules will result in a warn. Repeated violations of this rule will result in a temporary ban.
  3. Using third party services like Skype, Discord, or Teamspeak to share information about the game in a way that unfairly advantages any player is considered cheating and will result in a temporary ban. Multiple violations of this rule can result in a permanent ban in extreme cases.
  4. Abusing map exploits to gain an unfair advantage over others, stall the round, or access parts of the map that make it difficult for you to be killed is prohibited and will result in a warn and, eventually, a temporary ban if exploiting continues.
  5. Mass RDM (2.5+ random kills made in a single round in a way that indicates intent to disrupt gameplay for others), Consistent RDM (4 total random kills made within 6 consecutive rounds in a way that indicates intent to disrupt gameplay for others), or otherwise displaying no intent to participate in gameplay will result in a temporary ban. The length of the ban varies according to the severity of the offense.
  6. Targeting / Harassment of an individual by repeatedly calling suspicion / KOS, damaging them, attempting to karma bait them (trick them into killing you as an innocent with the intention of lowering their karma for an eventual karma ban) or RDM killing them is prohibited and will result in anything from a warn to a temporary ban depending on the severity of the offense.
  7. Attempting to disrupt gameplay for others by camping, delaying, karma baiting, as well as anything else that is conceivably disruptive will result in a slay or a warn. Multiple violations may result in more severe punishments.


The staff have the final say. Should you have an issue, take it up with one of the managers.


Chat / Misc Rules


  1. Advertising non-GFL servers is prohibited and will result in a permanent ban.
  2. Harassment and the use of excessively offensive language (such as slurs that target groups or engage in expressions of prejudice against individuals or groups) will result in a mute.
  3. Sending spammy messages / being excessively annoying over text or voice chat will result in a mute.
  4. Please restrict the use of foreign languages to text chat while alive.
  5. Pretending to be an admin / the impersonation of any user is grounds for a temporary ban.


For the guidelines on sprays, please read this:




  • RDM / Random kill - An intentional kill made without a sensible gameplay-related reason.
  • Suspicion - Indicates that you or another player suspects that somebody is a Traitor. You may wish to consider killing them, however you may also wish to merely keep an eye on them as they can still be Innocent.
  • KOS - Short for kill on sight. When somebody asks for a player to be KOSed, they are indicating that the player has committed a traitorous act and should be killed.
  • Traitorous Act - Something that only a T would do. For instance, killing a detective, calling a KOS on a random, innocent player, throwing a grenade into a crowd, or carrying explosive props into crowds.
  • Traitor Weapon - Any weapon obtainable by a traitor from the credit shop. Note that traitor weapons may be obtainable by some special innocent roles, however these roles should call out the weapon in order to avoid being killed by accident.
  • Free Damage - Any damage wrongly dealt to another player without good reason that is 50 HP or under that does not result in death.
  • Karma - Karma is a system built into the gamemode to punish players for killing their team mates. The lower your Karma is, the less damage you will deal. Furthermore, If your Karma reaches a certain threshold, the server will automatically issue a temporary ban against you. Karma is easy to lose and hard to recover. Admins will NOT restore your karma for you, so be careful!


What is a "sensible gameplay related reason" and when is it valid to kill somebody?


Players are allowed to kill somebody whenever there is a justifiable game play related reason to do so. Because the rules can be a little bit vague in spots, here is a list of specific situations in which a kill has been determined to have been or not been justified.  These lists are not exhaustive and will be updated as new situations are explored and determinations are made. The following are a couple of examples of INVALID reasons to kill another player. If you’re thinking about killing somebody and the logic is flawed in a way that resembles any of these, even though it may not be listed, you should consider not killing them as you may still be punished:


  • They said that they were going to purchase a Traitor pass in chat.
  • They cannot spell Traitor, Innocent, or any other word backwards.
  • They killed you last round.
  • You are stuck in them. Ask an admin to free you instead.
  • They were AFK (wait until overtime to kill them)
  • Literally any reason that has nothing to do with the game itself
  • They reported me in a previous round.
  • They were revived by the marker and the body wasn't checked.
  • They were looking at a traitor trap that went off.
  • They were a Jester that revived, and they have not done anything yet that is considered a traitorous act.



The following are a couple of examples of VALID reasons to kill another player. Once again, this list is not exhaustive. If you can justify using game play related reasoning that isn’t obviously flawed or stupid, chances are it is fine. Note that these may be reasonably suspicious actions or traitorous (KOS) acts:


  • They shot at or near you/other players who you believe to be innocent.
  • They’ve killed or are in the process or killing an Innocent, a Detective, or somebody that you believe to be Innocent.
  • They’re blocking your path and have refused to move after being asked and given a reasonable amount of time to respond (3 - 5 seconds).
  • They have a traitor weapon and haven’t proven themselves to be trustworthy. 
  • They are following you and have not stopped after being asked to and given a reasonable amount of time (5 to 10 seconds) to respond.
  • They were implicated by the last words of a dead innocent / detective (I’m with XYZ, XYZ acts suspiciously found as last words on the body).
  • You hear somebody get killed and see that no body was identified. When you enter the room to investigate, they seem to be the only person that could have done it.
  • They entered the Traitor room.
  • They threw a fire nade / discombob / any type of nade that can do damage near other Innocents.
  • They planted a C4 or a SLAM.
  • They hung a body.
  • They claimed an evil role. Please read the role list if you are unsure about which roles count as evil.
  • They destroyed a health station.
  • They burned or hid a body.
  • They witnessed somebody kill another person and run off and did nothing about it.
  • They are the last remaining person alive who has not been proven to be Innocent.
  • An Innocent / Detective was killed by a sniper rifle and they have a sniper rifle and are occupying a position that is commonly used by snipers / has a direct line of sight to the killed person.
  • They have a one shot weapon (like a knife / harpoon / AWP) and are aiming at you / charging you.
  • They shot at or near an explosive prop that is near other players.
  • They are reviving another player.
  • They were revived by the Mesmerist.
  • They called a KOS on an innocent.
  • They were an Amnesiac who acquired an evil role and you saw them looking at the body.
  • You saw someone do an Impostor kill. If you kill-bind to frame someone else for being the Impostor, you can be warned or punished more harshly for it if you keep on doing it.
  • You saw someone near an ankh that was converted, and you believe that they were the cause of it.
  • They are attempting to eat a body.
  • You gave a verbal warning for someone to move away from the Ankh, and they did not comply.
  • They refused to be force tested by a Detective in overtime or they refused to be shot by the Priest’s Holy Deagle in overtime.
  • You saw someone use a Jackal's Sidekick Deagle on someone, or they were shot by a Jackal's Sidekick Deagle.


How To Play


Here are some resources for those just learning about TTT2:



How To Become A GFL Member


  1. Register on the forums.
  2. Check your email and validate your account.
  3. Apply for membership via the following link: GFL - Member Application - Games For Life (gflclan.com)
  4. Another easy way is to type "!member" in-game.


By becoming member, you gain access to:

  • 8 playermodels
  • 1 accessory


How to Become a Donator

  1. Register to become a member.
  2. Donate by following this link or by typing "!donate" in-game: GFL - Donate - Games For Life (gflclan.com)
  3. Follow the given instructions to become either a Supporter or a VIP.


Supporters gain access to:

  • Everything that Member has
  • Access to the !tags command
  • 29 trails
  • 9 hats
  • 28 masks for supporter
  • 14 playermodels

VIPs gain access to:

  • Everything that Member and Supporter has
  • 1 hat
  • Custom suicide bomb sound (with admin approval)
  • The ability to wear & request custom masks via this post:



With proof, $200+ donators may also request custom playermodels with the approval of the Server Manager via the Custom Donator Item Request Thread.


Trans rights are human rights.

Edited by Sophie~ ♡
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