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Name?           CrazyChocolateChipDaddy

Age?               45

Birthday?      December 26 1975

Timezone?    Pacific Standard Time

Gender?        Male

What would you do if you were the opposite of your gender?      Don't know but i would think i'd do everything that i do currently.

Rank (ie. Supporter, Vip)?

Which server(s) do you prefer? Surf Timer #1

How long have you been playing? off and on since              June 2021

How often are you online and for how long?                          Monday evening through Friday evening. Weekend all day.

Biggest accomplishment on this server?                                 New to these waters. Will update when i do accomplish

Best thing that ever happened to you?                                     I became a professional Percussionist.  Became a dad.

Worst thing that ever happened to you?                                  Got Phemonia Words

Phrases you say frequently?                                                         You have to step in poop twice for total improvement in a day.

Your greatest fear?                                                                           Failure.

Most recent embarrassing thing that happened to you?      Was Unloading a pallet of Concrete and split my pants straight in the middle with no spare pants.

Favorite member(s) who plays on this server and why?         Learning people here, but I enjoy seeing Kami's handling of people in the server as an admin. She gets it done right.

Favorite Animal?                                                                                Cats of all Kinds. My kitty cats name is Cupcake. super uber cute kitty she is.

Favorite Color?                                                                                    Metallic Green and black pearl

Favorite Song?                                                                                    Queen Save me

Favorite Book?                                                                                    Call of the wild Jack London

Favorite Movie?                                                                                   Matrix

Favorite TV Show?                                                                              24 the Series

Favorite vacation spot?                                                                     Schladminger Austria

Coolest place you visited?                                                                Scotland

Favorite place to be alone?                                                              Dachstein Mountains

Favorite thing to do with your spare time?                                 Reading, Playing Video Games, making new friends.

Favorite person you enjoy spending time with?                        My children.

Favorite thing to do when nobody's looking?                            Sleep

Something that made you laugh ridiculously hard.                 Not working somewhere, that a karen thought I worked at and hounded me.

Something you wish existed.                                                          Peace for all.

Something you wish was still around.                                          Records

Something you wish this server had or had at some point and want back.     Will update when i find something needing.

Something you're extremely talented at or have a thing for.                                I can sight read = perform on first time reading all charts on the Timpani

Favorite Meme or GIF                                   You Got Jabaited!!!


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Posted  Edited by Joshy

Welcome to the community!


What a list!  I love the Matrix too!  I am so shocked whenever people have not seen it.  I had to show it to my wife, and she could barely get through it (she was too bored)- what a shame.  She showed me a show too though: Hannibal.  Pleasant surprise to see Morpheus definitely not Jack in it 😛 , and can't go wrong with anything that has Mads Mikkelsen except for James Bond.

Edited by Joshy


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