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MOTD for our GMOD Purge Server

Most things here are common sense, and can easily be followed.
Admins may use their own discretion for special circumstances/situations that may not be outlined here.

Not all offenses may equate the same punishment due to available discretion.


General Rules:

  1. Show a basic level of respect to all players and staff.
  2. Excessive trolling or minging will not be tolerated. 
  3. Hacking, cheating, and exploiting will all result in severe punishment.
  4. Do not spam. (Ex: Mic, Chat, Props)
  5. Do not kill and/or arrest randomly; RDM/RDA is not tolerated.



  1. FailRP is ultimately up to the admins. (Use common sense)
  2. Do not kill yourself to avoid an RP situation.
  3. Do not bait others using OOC.
  4. Do not randomly weapon check.
  5. You MUST /advert ALL crimes! This includes: Raids, Carjacks, Mugs, Kidnaps, Bombings (Terrorist), etc. Also, please /advert when your raids are complete!
  6. Do not break New Life Rule (NLR)! You may not return to an RP situation you died in. Example: Do not return to a raid after being killed, you must wait until the raid is completed!
    1. **EXCEPTION: Law Enforcement/Bank Staff may break NLR if defending against Bank/PD raids




  1. Cannot claim sidewalks as part of your base. (Hobos are exempt) 
  2. Do not claim more than one base/property for yourself or your group.
  3. You cannot build/edit during an active raid.
  4. Floating, or sky-bases are not allowed. 
  5. Your base must be possible to raid with reasonable measures.
  6. Keypads must be visible, and not obstructed. Minimum of 4 second "granted" time.
  7. There is a maximum of 4 fading doors in 1 base (Two stacked against each other count as one).
  8. No crouching or jumping entrances.
  9. You can block off as many entrances as you want as long as there is at least one available entrance to your base.
  10. You may not have no-collided props directly in front of your fading door(s). This will prevent people from lock-picking in, and/or CP breaking in.
  11. You may not have entirely "black-out bases". Meaning a complete black material room (not limited to just black) to throw off raiders.
  12. Cannot have fake or useless keypads.
  13. You cannot kill someone for "Loitering" outside your base.
  14. You cannot have a building sign with drugs, weapons, etc. inside your base. (Nothing that raiders may want)




  1. You cannot kill people for simply being near a raid. However if a government official or vigilante is near the raid you can kill them. (Ex: You cannot kill someone for trying to walk down the street with no intention of interfering because they are simply 'near' the raid)
  2. Do not raid the same person(s) more than twice per hour.
  3. Raids against the same party/individual must be separated by at least 15 minutes.
  4. Do not raid a Gun dealer/General Salesman right after you buy something from them.
  5. Do not use a camera that is no collided to see inside another person's base.
  6. You cannot block or knockdown cameras in order to "blind" defenders.
  7. You may not raid the PD during the Mayor's grace period (15 minutes of grace upon job change).
  8. Do not raid a base with a building sign up.
  9. You must advert the type of raid you are doing. (Ex: Party Raid, PD Raid, Bank Raid, Counter Raid etc.)
  10. You may not return to the same raid once you have died. (NLR - New Life Rule)
  11. During a raid you may not use your fading door hotkeys. (You must use the keypad itself) ; Fading Door Abuse (FDA) is not allowed.




  1. Anyone who is being kidnapped/mugged may defend themselves.
  2. You may not mug/kidnap someone while they are moving and they must be standing close to you.
  3. You may kill someone for running away from a kidnapping/mugging. (This does NOT include people who were already moving. They must be aware of your attempt to mug/kidnap them)
  4. Kidnappers must hold a person for ransom. You may not kidnap a person for no reason.
  5. Government/Bank workers cannot Kidnap or Mug.
  6. The maximum you may demand for/from a person is $5,000.
  7. You cannot hold someone hostage for more than 10 minutes.
  8. You must wait 15 minutes before mugging/kidnapping the same person.



Prop Rules:


  1. Do not prop spam.
  2. Do not prop block.
  3. Do not prop kill.
  4. Do not spawn excessively large or explosive props, even if they are not blocked.
  5. Do not prop climb. (This does not include climbing up with a Vehicle, Player, or some entity/prop left by the base owner [ex: A keypad left collided])
  6. Do not prop surf.
  7. Do not prop trap.
  8. Do not prop bridge.
  9. Do not prop push.
  10. Do not use props to avoid role-play situations. (Ex: placing a prop in front of yourself in order to avoid being shot.)
  11. Do not make hamster balls of any kind.
  12. Shooting through "One-Way Props" or blind firing through props is not allowed. You may only shoot another player if both parties have the same visibility to each other. If you use one way props, you are expected to wait until your opponent can see you before shooting them.




  1. Law Enforcement are not allowed to own drugs.
  2. Law Enforcement have to enforce the law and use the police department as their base. They cannot make their own bases. The FBI are an exception (see Rule further down).
  3. Law Enforcement can arrest anyone for having drugs or selling drugs. This is always a law (even with no Mayor).
  4. Law Enforcement may not arrest anyone for guns, unless there is a law saying they are illegal.
  5. Law Enforcement can shoot anyone for murder unless the suspect is acting in self-defense. This does not mean you cannot arrest them for illegal weaponry or any other laws they may have broken.
  6. Law Enforcement always have to try to arrest first unless the individual poses an IMMEDIATE threat to either themselves or another player.
  7. Law Enforcement may enforce basic traffic laws even if it's not a law on the law board. (Try not to be too stingy with it)
  8. Stun stick abuse is not allowed.
  9. Weapon checking players randomly is not allowed. You may check players if you are Secret Service and they are near the Mayor or if it makes sense in the context of role-play.
  10. Secret Service may not enforce laws unless they are laws that are putting the Mayor's life in danger or they are told to do so by the mayor. (EX: Someone has a gun out near the Mayor and guns are illegal)
  11. Arresting for no reason is not allowed (RDA). There is also no arresting during purge time, it still counts as RDA!!!
  12. Warranting to check a house without any proof of contraband is not allowed (unless you have probably cause). This also applies for weapon checking. If your life is threatened or someone has told you of another player's possession of contraband, you may weapon check them.
  13. Government personnel may not party/base with non-Government personnel.
  14. You may not warrant someone for "hearing" meth, bitcoin, or weed . If you are pursuing a player (wanted person or persons), you may seize any and all evidence in the person or persons home. All drugs and drug labs must be destroyed.
  15. Cops may not excessively break down props when warranting. Only break the props needed to get through or get to certain areas/items. They may still attempt to break walls to make entry easier.
  16. If a person is resisting arrest, you are allowed to use lethal force after giving them a warning.
  17. All jobs must follow the orders of their superiors (unless they conflict with the rules/laws).
  18. FBI may set-up checkpoints on roads and tunnels with a valid RP reason.
  19. The FBI Leader may buy a second location for the FBI to base. They must add all FBI to the door and give out any keypad codes to other FBI as well. They do not need to allow any other cops in but the Mayor must be allowed to enter if he wishes. They may remain in this base during the Purge, as long as they do not Purge.
  20. All Government personnel are not allowed to raid, mug, kidnap, carjack, or preform any other server feature that goes against RP.
  21. During a lock-down you may only arrest someone while they are on the streets. Do not arrest players who are in un-owned buildings or in the PD. Do not chase someone who was on the streets into a building and then arrest them inside.
  22. All CP (Civil Protection) are automatically excluded from any laws that prevent them from enforcing the rest of the laws. (Ex: No guns in public.)
  23. Government personnel are allowed to participate in the purge, with the sole exception of the Mayor and Secret Service. They MUST remain in PD or Spawn.
  24. Government personnel may NOT be corrupt!!! This counts as FailRP!



Job Specific Rules:

  1. Job specific rules can be found in the F4 Jobs Menu, and by hovering over the desired job. Not all jobs have specific rules listed!
  2. Jobs who cannot participate in Purge: Mayor, Secret Service, Spiderman, Batman


Last updated 7/4/22

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