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Art Art Request from DaPainWayne

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Request type:




Large-ish. Like, display large, idk


Source image/render: 



Text *(optional):

like, big letters "GFL Purge"


Color scheme *(optional):



same examples are source


(ran out of room in additional info)

It would be really cool to have a version of the image(s) to have clear/transparent backgrounds to even place somewhere in the Purge server using imgur. These images would probably need to be rendered larger to make sure it properly pixelates (or whatever the term).


Additional information: 

I'm looking mainly for a GMOD rendition of these images. Essentially, to be GMOD models and stuff in place of these, and to have somewhat of a life-like appearance. Add guns, fire, explosions, cool shit. yuhhh


(Signature credit to @Clavers)


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