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Welcome! Horde is a PVE gamemode heavily inspired by Killing Floor 2 but with it's own twists. While it is PVE, we still have some rules, so please read the following before playing.



  1. No cheating or using scripts to gain advantage. Punishment: Perma ban
  2. No abusing map exploits to give yourself an unfair advantage or to delay the round. Map exploits are any spots enemies cannot reach. If you find such a spot, please report it!
  3. No targeting or harassment of another player or staff.
  4. No disrupting of gameplay. Do not intentionally delay rounds or grief teammates.
  5. No advertising non-GFL servers
  6. No excessive offensive language (such as slurs or demeaning comments) or verbally harassing players or staff.
  7. No spamming or being purposely annoying over text or voice chat.
  8. No impersonating staff or another user.



For the guidelines on sprays, please read this:


How To Play:

Survive 10 rounds against an escalating horde of enemies . In-between rounds, spend money earned by killing enemies to purchase new items and weapons from the shop as well as unlocking additional perks.


Skull Tokens are earned from killing Elite or Boss enemies(Elite enemies = more specialized enemies). 



How To Become A GFL Member


  1. Register on the forums.
  2. Check your email and validate your account.
  3. Apply for membership via the following link: GFL - Member Application - Games For Life (gflclan.com)
  4. Another easy way is to type "!member" in-game.


Becoming a member grants you access to non-donator pointshop items.


How to Become a Donator

  1. Register to become a member.
  2. Donate by typing "!donate" in-game or by following this link: GFL - Donate - Games For Life (gflclan.com)
  3. Follow the given instructions to become either a Supporter or a VIP.


Supporters gain access to all player models and other pointshop items not available for donators. VIPs gain access to everything Supporters do, as well as access to Gif Sprays.


With proof, $200+ donators may also request custom playermodels with the approval of the Server Manger via the Custom Donator Item Request Thread:

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