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GFL Horde Spray Guidelines

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GFL TTT HORDE Spray Guidelines

Spray Usage

To make gameplay more personalized, members and up are allowed to use sprays. To access this feature, type !sprays in chat, click the "Sprays" section, click add spray, and put in an image url. If you don't know what that is, just right click any image on any website, open the image in another tab, and use the link from that tab. Doesn't show the option to open image in another tab? This means the image is not an actual image file on the website. You can upload any appropriate image to imgur or any other image uploading website, including discord, and follow those steps in order to have your spray set up. You can then use these sprays with the hotkey of g. If you have any problems, feel free to contact any member of our staff team whenever they are available.



We have rules that define what makes a spray appropriate or not. Follow these rules to understand what makes a spray allowed or not allowed.


What is allowed?

  • Anything from a PG-13 show, movie, videogame.
  • In-game map content that is not sexually suggestive or explicit
  • Anything that is part of a NSFW animation or video but not NSFW itself
  • Sexually suggestive content in text, as long as it is not overly explicit
  • Anything that is not mentioned in the not-allowed section, as long as it follows server rules as well


What is not allowed?

  • Porn/gore, uncensored, censored, or cropped
  • Child porn in any context
  • Human or animal abuse
  • IRL violence
  • Anything that might dox someone
  • Any form of bigotry or slurs
  • Insensitive memes/jokes
    • Any joke that contains bigotry, slurs, or offensive content in general is not allowed.
  • Nudity or borderline nudity
    • Nudity refers to when a humanoid character or object is not wearing any clothing, and this applies even if explicit material is not shown. Borderline nudity refers to when a humanoid character or object has clothing, but not enough to be appropriate.
  • Sexually suggestive, mature content
    • This refers to any content that is not PG-13 and considered suggestive. This includes any sexual pose, provocative clothing, suggestive props, or suggestive scenery.
  • Anything explicitly involving sexual fetishes.
  • Voyeuristic content, or innocent-looking content that can be used for a sexual purpose
    • This includes any panty shots, genitalia or nipples that show through clothing (see-through clothing and bulges/depressions in the clothing apply here), or private cams (as in a camera shot in a bedroom, bathroom, locker room, or anything similar).
  • Uncomfortable/disturbing imagery
    • This applies to any content that makes you not want to look at it or think about it.
  • Anything you can't type in chat
    • This includes any illegal website, malware, or xxx links, as well as any overly explicit content or advertising. Spam rules do not apply here.



Remember, these are just guidelines to help you understand why certain sprays are not allowed. Use your own judgement along with this document to find an appropriate spray. If you have any questions about what is or isn't allowed after reading this, contact any member of our staff. If your spray is removed for violating these rules, listen to what the admin has to say, and remember it, as admins have the final say in any situation inside the game. If you feel an admin is wrong, contact one of our managers.


If an admin does not approve your spray, it will be removed and you will be told not to spray it again. Spraying the spray again will result in a temporary or permanent ban from being able to use sprays, which can be appealed upon request and discretion of an admin.

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