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Survivor Perk Rework

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Currently, the Survivor is one of the least fun classes to play as. Most of its perks are either completely useless (e.g. Symbiosis) or provide little benefit overall (e.g. Cluster Grenade). I propose to replace some of its perks with ones that would give it more of a health-oriented playstyle that reflects its name better, to survive, along with giving it a unique kit compared to other classes. I would also like to keep in mind that unlike other classes, Survivor does not get to have a passive ability, so I do feel a bit justified in making its perk selection a bit better overall.


Tier 1 perks:


Survivor's starting perks are rather lackluster as you get to choose between 20% more outgoing healing (that doesn't synergize with its other perks), or a 6% damage & speed boost on kill.


Antibiotics -> Savagery


  • Savagery's 25% max health bonus would allow Survivor to fare better on the lower waves and make it unique compared to the other classes with their stage 1 perks. The 25% melee damage bonus would also make it unique compared to early-game Berserker, where it would gain a buff in max health and melee damage in exchange for not having an immediate healing option and Berserker's parry ability.


Charge -> Heightened Reflex


  • As Survivor would be gaining a free max health bonus perk with no downside, it would obviously need something similar to it that would be able to compete with it. Heightened Reflex gives Survivor a 20% headshot damage bonus along with giving it 20% global damage resistance at full health, which would synergize with its new kit better.



Tier 2 perks:


As Breathing Technique is far superior to the situational Cluster Grenade perk, it would need a nice alternative to it:


Cluster Grenade -> Drain


  • By design, Cluster Grenade is meant to synergize with Demolition's passive ability of gaining free grenades, along with directly buffing one of the items you can get from its shop. Not only does Survivor not have access to SLAMs, but Survivor also has to buy grenades just to use this ability, which would quickly become a money sink as grenades are starting to fall off by this point. Giving Survivor Drain would be a nice damage alternative to Breathing Technique as Drain would further increase the capabilities of a damage-focused build for Survivor.


Tier 3 perks would be unchanged as I feel like they fit Survivor well.


Tier 4 perks:


As Survivor's Tier 4 perks will let you choose between a tank perk or a damage perk, I feel like it would be important to give Survivor something better to fit the gimmick of staying at full health:


Symbiosis -> Cellular Implosion


  • Symbiosis has no synergy with Survivor whatsoever as Survivor is unable to buy minions at all. By replacing it with Cellular Implosion, it would provide a viable alternative to the Headhunter perk as it would synergize better with Survivor's new kit as it would allow it to stay at full health better, along with providing some team support.


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