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Parker7116's Mute/Ban Appeal for CWRP

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My in-game name: Parker

My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:615246629

Reason: Mass RDM

Admin: Chaotic

Why this should be revoked:

I learned my mistakes. A couple of the kills were accidental although not all of them were. It is my fault and my fault alone for being ignorant towards the rules and ignorant towards the admin who was trying to if anything, help me and understand why I did that. It will not happen again.

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Due to the nature of the ban, the time window from your ban to your appeal, the amount of effort put into your appeal and general consensus among the Management Team, We have decided that you can use this week to reflect. 
We would love to see you back on the server at the end of the 1 week period.
This appeal has been 


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