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Tiny Rick

A Formal Apology (CWRP)

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Hey yall, it's been some time. Just over a year to be exact. So, you clicked/tapped on this title for a reason, either to ask who the fuck am I, what the fuck did you do, and/or why the fuck are you posting this? Well, I am here to apologize obviously about some shit I did in the past on CWRP. About 2 years ago I first joined GFL CWRP to be a minge, only to realize that the community here is fucking amazing. I loved it so much I joined a faction and rocked out with the RMC's under Leo's command. I climbed the ranks and threw it all away for some stupid reason I cant even remember. I MRDM in the middle of an event and was Perma Banned. I was pissed. I let some time pass and decided that I wanted to come back. I put in a ban appeal and surprisingly was allowed back in, but I was on thin ice with the staff team. I found myself joining the 501st and blending in very well with them. I had tons of fun, but it came crashing down when I fucked up. During a mission, me and 2-3 other troopers got stuck in an elevator. What did I do? Well, the smart thing to do was to call an admin. Had I called an admin, I wouldn't be typing this right now. Nope, I threw a grenade and killed us all, giving me another Perma Ban. I argued with the admins and got nowhere. I was officially kicked out of GFL's CWRP. A few days later, one of my friends created their own DarkRP server and he had me as one of his admins and asked me to advertise the new server. I sent out invites to everyone in my friends list, including people in GFL CWRP. I was banned from all GFL discords due to it.


Today I am here to formally apologize. Today I start to attempt to right my wrongs. I've lived a lot in the past year. I started a new job, bought my first brand new vehicle, started and ended a streaming career, and made and lost a few friends along the way. What I'm saying is that I have matured a lot in the past year. I don't see myself doing all the stupid shit I did before ever again. I shouldn't have MRDM'd during a mission, I shouldn't have killed those people in the elevator during a mission after I was given a second chance, and I should have probably checked to see who I was sending all those invites to. To those who I have wronged, I am sorry. I want those who remember me as CT ARC PVT Rick 0137 to not see me as the guy who fucked up all those times, but the guy who is trying to come back, show growth in maturity, and is going to continue to grow as a person. To those who don't remember me or somewhat remember me, I hope to meet you and grow new friendship if I am accepted back into discord and then back into CWRP.


I appreciate those who have read through this, and I hope to see you guys soon.



CT ARC PVT Rick 0137 

"e" - Alfarex, circa 2017

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Appreciate the intention, but we have a private matters rule and it's hard for people / the greater community to reply to your thread because it's a private matter (including talking about your bans or ban appeals outside the proper areas).  I'm going to lock it for that reason.


Congratulation with the new job and vehicle.


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