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slipperyluck777's 2Fort Improved Player Report

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Player Name yoyodude

Player Steam ID STEAM_0:1:563534192


Your Name someone

Your Steam ID STEAM_0:0:620291475


Tell us what happen 

I was casually playing 2fort improved when I called out something fishy from yoyodude, he must have obviously seen it, After that he started to taunt after almost every kill he had on me. I told him he was being a jerk about it, I decided to counter him which made him upset causing him to tryhard and just be toxic to everyone. our team got some payback and left like a matured adult would. I stayed on a little longer to just play. I was pretty chill only to call him out for being in my words "an asshole". I was pretty ticked off when he called me "autistic" for being upset about the way he was. I usually play this game with my autistic brother. I'm disappointed in this community but I'm just glad he wasn't there to see it. I don't want yoyodude to be banned just perma-gagged. thank you for your time, have a nice day.


Do you have any evidence that supports your claim? 

spacer.png he says "it looks autistic"


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Posted  Edited by AIexis

He can't be perma-gagged from this instance due to how punishments stack, however he was silenced for 2 days at the time it was called, the next punishment after this will be a permanent silence if this behaviour happens again so please be sure to calladmin if it does.

Edited by AIexis



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