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New Events Team Leader

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I want to say thank you to our past leader, Danni.  I hope she is safe and well, and I wish her the best.  In her absence @the best name (Monkey123#8906) has been supporting events team a lot, and he will be officially fulfilling the role as the new Events Team Leader.  He's been leaning in with a lot of ideas and supporting me on some challenging event issues, and so I have a lot of confidence in him.



Sorry for my lame Game of Thrones references 😛 (my mind was blown when I learned this same actor is in Stranger Things and a lot of other movies too)




He's formerly the Senior Events Coordinator and has been a part of the Events Team since April; since last September (2021) he has also been a GM in CWRP.  As I reflect back on who has been on Teams and taking up some helpful roles...  we have great people from all parts of the community (thanks to all), but I'm thinking a lot of them come from CWRP too.  I have to give a special shout out to those folks!  Thanks for forging the best.


I have heard from everyone that his spelling is horrendous.  I hope we can make great use of the PR/writing team 😉 or maybe a spelling bee event to help him improve haha.  Whatever it may be I know he's got a lot to bring to the table and we have more fun times ahead.  Thank you!


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