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[Announcement] Surprise Christmas Eve Maintainence!

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Hello all,


The following GFL services will be going offline on December 24 at 23:00 CST for a maintenance as we move more services to our new web machine.

  • Kibana / Elasticsearch logs
  • FastDL Website
  • GFLBans
  • Grafana
  • Server Loading screens
  • Pterodactyl (both public and private servers)
  • Sourcebans
  • GFLClan.com Website


I will also be deploying fixes to Gitlab during this time.


The new machine we've purchased is pretty decent and should be sufficient to run what we once needed two whole machines to run, however, we're committed to the machine for another year or so, so we're going to move the developer VPSes to the old primary web machine. This should hopefully offer a nice performance boost to the developer VPSes, which have suffered from using a spinning HDD for awhile now instead of an NVME drive.



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