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Which one is your favourite?  Rhysin came up with the idea for this topic, but I've was watching the show The Boys and though it was a cool idea; just rewatched Shazam this week after watching Black Adam.  I'm a Dwayne Johnson fan, but I didn't like that movie 😞 


Some movies I like the first one like Wonder Woman, and also Ant Man.  Then they have a follow up movie... both of these movies the first one they are so good... then 2nd movie it's like they fell on their head too many times and their superpowers didn't work (to protect their brain).  Like Ant Man has a masters degree in electrical engineering, but knows almost nothing about quantum mechanics.  Really??




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Batman. They can beat anyone and if you don't think so. Then i wanna see you fight batman

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Just a gamer and helpful person.

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