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TTT Anarchy Community Poll #5

TTT Anarchy Community Poll #5  

23 members have voted

  1. 1. Score rework opinions?

    • Fine as suggested
    • Change some of the numbers suggested
    • Do not change
  2. 2. Weapon rework opinions?

    • Change
    • Could use some changes not brought up
    • Do not change
  3. 3. Add Health-based blood overlay?

    • Yes
    • No

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Score Rework


I have heard concerns over about how strong certain roles tend to be on point events, with certain roles pretty much guaranteeing you a win if you get them.


With my idea: new scoring would focus more on having smaller numbers, with it working like this:

  • Innocent kills reward 3 points
  • Traitor role kills reward 2 points
  • Neutral role kills reward 1 point
  • Misc. stuff like marker tags and finding bodies will reward 1 point


Weapon Balancing


Another thing that gets brought up is weapon balancing. While I do understand that TTT Anarchy's player base focuses highly on the broad amount of playstyles available due to the sheer amount of weapons available, I also feel as like it also tends to struggle heavily with power creep since some weapons will always tend to be better than others and just serve as bloat.


I have had an idea to rework weapons overall, with three main ideas:


- Cutting out some of the highly similar weapons (e.g. Galil, Famas, and SCAR-H) and combining them into a single weapon with none of the side-grades being available.


- Removing some of the more experimental weapons (e.g. Taurus Judge or Saiga-12).


- Overall nerf of SMGs, with SMGs focusing more on killing single targets quickly, while weapons similar to the M16 being the go-to sustain automatic weapon


I am aware that some of this may not be adequate as some players may feel as though I'm going to be hurting the server overall since these are pretty big changes (along with the changes perhaps being too much of a change), but I do feel like if implemented properly, could help to heal the server overall. Depending on how this turns out, I'll make another post about weapons.




Health-based Blood Overlay


An addon that may be interesting to use would be health-based Blood Overlay:



This has the effect of displaying how much health the target has remaining as a visual effect on the player. While this would give you a visual advantage of being able to get a better idea of how much health someone has, this could also suffer from the same issues that damage numbers  had where it can lead to several glaring gameplay exploits.


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very opinionated but i personally don't like that any of the automatic weapons let you murder people very fast


personally i would prefer having big accuracy penalties if you dont fire in short bursts, and movement inaccuracy, and etc because i think it's funny when people can't hit each other when they don't fight each other in a deliberate manner, though i know that most players here wouldn't like that at all


most fun i've had on the server was during the fof event specifically because you can't just gun everyone down with the p90 or ak or something, in the big gunfights it felt like you were actually fighting for your life

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Just gonna list my thoughts on the score rework:


- All neutrals getting 1 point per kill seems unbalanced. For instance, Randy is a far weaker role than Doom Slayer, maybe Randy should get the same amount of points per kill as a traitor would? They are arguably a little more powerful than a T, but have no team to back them up. Jackals could be different, as they're basically as powerful as a traitor, but maybe successfully sidekicking a player would give them a large chunk of points? Definitely look more into neutral score balancing.


- If the proposed score changes by Ghost went through, people would be earning MUCH fewer points than we do now. This would affect the gametracker leaderboards (something that I personally don't care about, but I'm sure others do), leaving the server's top players at a huge advantage, as people with low points would have to grind waaaay longer to accumulate points.


- Compared to other roles, traitors would earn a lot more points. Since 1/4 of players are assigned to be traitor, in a 20-person lobby, the traitor team could earn up to 30 points (15 players x 2) while the entire innocent team could only earn 15 points (5 traitors x 3, maybe slightly more if neutrals spawn, as well as body search points which is pretty random but probably adds like 5-10 points considering that some are never identified, some are IDed by evil roles, idk). In my opinion, all teams should be able to earn a similar (theoretical maximum) amount of points total. Even using the server's current point system it's slightly skewed, in the same 20-person lobby traitors can get 75 points total and innos only 50.


- Just to add onto the 'theoretical maximum' points for teams, should innocents be given an advantage for playing well? It's definitely harder to get points as an innocent compared to a traitor (traitors just kill, while innos have to be careful, follow gunfights, use DNA scanners etc), so maybe they should get a higher amount of points to compensate.


- Bigger score numbers would be better to allow for fine-tuning of certain score-gaining actions. I think that the inno-getting-an-evil-kill score should be the base that EVERYTHING else is compared to. Having inno kills at 3 points would only realistically allow for 3, 2, and 1-point actions (assuming nothing is worth more than the inno>evil kill, which I agree with)


All in all the score rework is definitely a great step in the right direction, if we want to host score events then it needs to be as balanced as possible imo. also dm me if you wanna chat about the score stuff, i'm more than willing to throw out ideas 🙂

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idk how the current point system works since i don't really care about points, but imo it should prioritise winning the round over kills, i think you shouldn't get more points from killing a lot of people than actually winning


that's probably a very weird way of looking at points, but i think ttt isn't really about racking up frags it's about helping your team win, so i think how often you're on the winning team better reflects how Epic you are at the game


something i wanna know, idk if anyone ever bothered to keep count or if it's logged in any way, is the win rate for each team which ideally should be 50%

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