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My name bethel, I'm 23, originally from Europe. I have some time to spend so I decided to comeback to cs. I play faceits (10lvl) and I was looking a long time for a perfect cs go NA community so I ended up here. I was admin on eu servers for years, I also owned a few cs 1.6,minecraft and metin servers that helped me lease my first car. I also speak french (and polish) so maybe there are some french baguettes. See you on servs!

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We use to go a restaurant where a server had that name.  I thought it was so rare and unique.  They were really cool.  Really cool to see you share the same name.  We moved though, and so we never see them anymore 😞 


Real old school with 1.6.  I'm not that old school.  I was really in to CS:S, and I still like it although the community has changed a lot.  I tried learning French and was doing okay with it while I was studying abroad in the UK.  I tried learning just enough Polish and Czech to kind of get around; it's the most difficult language I've ever tried.  I pretty much only know how to say good or goodnight, and maybe a few random words.





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