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Queew's 2Fort Vanilla Player Report

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Player Name The "Chicken Man"

Player Steam ID 12371233242454266


Your Name Queew

Your Steam ID QueenShiki


Tell us what happen 

Man heard me say Twitch and started trash talking- no big deal but then he said "Hey put this on stream" and then started mic spamming the N-word over and over again. This happened about Midnight, so just a few minutes ago at the time of writing this. Weird thing was I didn't even like- plug a twitch channel or anything, I was talking about the in-game button that takes you to TF2 Twitch, he just went off and started spamming slurs and shit haha.


Do you have any evidence that supports your claim? 

Unfortunately wasn't able to catch it on video, I stuck around to try and see if he would do it again but no dice. So this report is more of like- a heads up, instead of an immediate call for action or whatever. Just keep an eye out, we really tried and suffered a while to try and get video of this guy but he only did it the one time. 

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